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Race Day Performance

For athletes who are serious about chasing their next PR

Imagine if you could finish your goal race with your goal result at the end - no hitting the wall, no muscle cramps, no tummy troubles.

Tell me if you've been here before...

You know you’re supposed to fuel for your race, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices available and the confusing information about how to take them. Not to mention that the ones you’ve tried just don't seem to work for you.

You’ve trained for months for races before, only to hit the wall, have muscle cramps, or end up running to every toilet on the course.

You can’t quite seem to reach that goal you’ve had for ages now (be it a personal record, a BQ, or just finishing that distance) and you know that if you had the right fuel and hydration, it’d be much easier.

You know you’re supposed to fuel for your race, but you’re overwhelmed by the choices available and the confusing information about how to take them. Not to mention that the ones you’ve tried just don't seem to work for you.

What if race day came and…

You knew what and how much to eat in the days leading up to the race, even if you were traveling to it

Your race day breakfast gave you energy without upsetting your stomach

You fueled with the right products at the right time so that you never hit the wall or needed to urgently use the toilets on course

You had a hydration plan that prevented muscle cramps and the side effects of dehydration

You weren’t super sore as you crossed the finish line - and you weren’t wincing in pain every time you went up/down the stairs the following day

You spent your mental energy worrying about the weather forecast instead of what your fueling strategy should be and if it would send you to the toilet

Need a plan for your race or endurance event? My Race Day Performance Package is designed for athletes who want the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what, when, and how to eat and drink on race day in order to perform at their best. After all, the right nutrition can make or break your performance!!


Note: this package is best started at least 6-10 weeks prior to your event.

The details...

1 60-minute initial consultation

We’ll take a deep dive into your race day plans and goals, current fuel/hydration strategy, and previous race day (or training) nutrition/hydration challenges. We’ll start by loosely designing a fueling strategy that addresses those concerns and helps you reach those goals. I’ll give you knowledge and tools so you can start to practice for race day right away.

Race Day Plan

Go into race day confident that you’re fueled up right. We’ll write out the plan for your race - guidelines on what to eat in the days leading up to the race, what to eat and drink on race day morning, what/when/how much to eat + drink on course, and how to refuel when you’re finished.

Discount on performance labs (if desired)

25% off at InsideTracker using my unique code. Plus we’ll talk about your results and what to eat to improve those numbers.

1 30-minute follow-up meeting

We’ll meet about a week before your race to finalize the plan for race day

Take Home Resources

I’ll set you up with knowledge + tools to help you be successful. (Things like handouts, worksheets, calculators, etc.)


The first step to get started is to book your FREE strategy session here.


I use Jackie’s plan for long runs and races, and I’m so thankful I found her - she was an awesome source of information and being a runner herself, understood a lot of what her clients needs are.

- Annonymous; marathon runner!

I feel my digestion has been better and I have a much healthier attitude about food. I did a reset on my eating habits, eating a wider variety of fruits, vegetables and probiotic foods, while also indulging without guilt when I want to. I don't feel bad about myself if I have something that I don't perceive as the healthiest option - I just enjoy it! I have also found some great options for pre run and during the run nutrition to keep me going on long runs and early morning runs.

Emily, marathon runner

  • What if I’ve never ran a marathon (or completed this race distance before)?
    That’s okay! I’ll set you up with the knowledge and tools you need to be able to complete the distance successfully.
  • How do I get started?
    The first step is to sign up for a free consultation call HERE. We’ll make sure it’s the right program for you and I’ll walk you through the next steps to get you started right away.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Let's talk!
  • Who is this program NOT for?
    Runners and endurance athletes who do NOT have a major race on the calendar. It’s also not for those who are looking for more overall support in their everyday eating habits and relationship with food.
  • How much does this program cost?
    There is a one-time payment of $447 for this program.
  • My race is only 2 weeks away. Can I still do this program?
    You can, but we won’t have as much time to practice the fueling/hydration strategies you’ll use during race day. It’s better to start at LEAST 4-6 weeks out if possible.
  • Who is this program for?
    Runners and endurance athletes who have a race on the calendar within the next 6-10 weeks. Examples include: half, full, or ultra marathons; triathlons of any distance; endurance cycling events lasting 2+ hours; Pelothondo.
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  • What if I haven’t ever run a marathon or I don’t want to run one?
    That’s okay! Marathons are not for everyone. I work with runners and endurance athletes (cyclists, Peloton-enthusiasts, triathletes) of all types and abilities. If fitness is an important part of your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re training for a 5k, the Boston marathon, or an Ironman triathlon.
  • How do I get started?
    The first step is to book a free strategy session to make sure we’re a good fit to work together HERE. If it is, I’ll walk you through the next steps to get started right away.
  • Who is this program for?
    This is designed for runners (and other endurance athletes like triathletes, cyclists, and Peloton-enthusiasts) who enjoy their sport and want to feel good participating in it long-term. You’re looking for a way of eating that is sustainable and doable for YOU so you can improve your running performance and your health.
  • My goal race is in 6 months. Is this a good time to work with you?
    Yes! Now is the perfect time to establish some awesome healthy eating habits that will support you as your training ramps up. Not to mention - those habits will stick with you for the rest of your life, not just on race day!!
  • I have a food allergy or medical condition. Can you help me?
    Generally speaking, yes. I am a registered dietitian with a lot of clinical experience working with different medical conditions (like heart disease and diabetes) and people with food allergies. I feel comfortable helping people meet their nutritional needs while balancing running with health concerns. That said, I do recommend that you be under the care of a primary care physician and that your condition generally be under good control.
  • Why do you do what you do?
    I love runners; I’m one of you! I’ve completed 9 full marathons (including 3 Bostons!) and countless other races. I put in hundreds of miles a month. I truly love being a part of this community. I’ve seen how fueling your body can make a difference in how well you feel and perform in my own life and my clients’ lives – and I want to share that with you too!
  • What if I want to lose weight?
    Balancing weight loss with having enough fuel to run well can be tricky! When we work together, we’ll design a tailor-made plan that will help you achieve whatever goals you have, not anybody else’s.
  • Who is this program NOT for?
    If you have no interest in endurance sports (running, triathlons, and cycling), this isn’t the program for you. If you want someone to write you an exact meal plan with specific calorie and macro goals for every day for the rest of your life, this isn’t the program for you. If you don’t want to put in the work to change your eating habits, your mindset, or if you’re looking for a quick fix… this isn’t the program for you.
  • I have more questions!
    Sign up for a free consultation call HERE.
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