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Best Snacks For Runners

It's 3:30pm and you are a #rungryrunner -- it is time for a snack. ⠀


But what should you have? Maybe you're trying to be "good" and you just eat some carrot 🥕 sticks... but 30 minutes later you're still hungry. Or maybe you didn't plan ahead, so you buy some potato 🥔 chips or a chocolate bar 🍫 from the vending machine at work... but that doesn't make you feel more energized or may even lead to a crash.⠀


If your snack only has carbs (eg, veggie sticks or a piece of fruit), you're going to digest it quickly -- plus, there's very little satiety factor, so you're going to be hungry again right away. Protein alone may make you feel a little more satiated, but isn't going to keep you going. And a fat-only snack probably isn't going to be very appealing. ⠀


A good snack is going to have at least 2 food groups so that you eat more than 1 macronutrient (reminder: those are carbs, proteins, and fats). Here's some ideas to get you going:⠀

▪️ Fruit 🍌 with peanut butter 🥜⠀

▪️ Veggies 🥒 with hummus or guacamole ⠀

▪️ Whole grain crackers with cheese 🧀⠀

▪️ Pretzels 🥨 with roasted nuts ⠀

▪️ Yogurt with fruit 🥭 ⠀

▪️ Whole-grain pita 🥙 with turkey⠀

▪️ Dark chocolate with almonds⠀

▪️ Cottage cheese with veggies 🌶

▪️ Tuna salad with veggie sticks 🥕⠀

▪️ Fruit smoothie made with yogurt or protein powder⠀

▪️ Caprese salad (tomato 🍅 + fresh mozzarella + basil)⠀

▪️ Edamame with veggies ⠀

▪️ Fruit 🍓 and cheese 🧀 kabob⠀

▪️ Hard boiled egg 🥚 with an apple 🍏⠀

▪️ Homemade trail mix with nuts/seeds and dried fruit⠀

▪️ Popsicle made with Greek yogurt and berries 🍒⠀


What are your favorite snacks that keep you satisfied, taste good, and don't run you down??

Need more help? Send me a message today 😄⠀

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