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Hey runner... don't let a "bad" day derail your week

Ever eaten a "bad" food 🌭 and felt like you ruined everything? Maybe you just kept going and ate whatever -- promising yourself that you'd start over and eat perfectly starting tomorrow (or on Monday, or on the 1st).

It's a common mindset to get stuck in. But it doesn't have to be this way! A holiday weekend is coming up, but that doesn't mean you can't still make progress towards your goals!

Ate too much of the "wrong" food? It is now in the past, so forgive yourself and move on. Didn't eat something you "should" have? Again, that's in the past... how can you add it back in now? There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to get back on track.

Is there something you just cannot give up? Figure out how it works into your healthy diet and lifestyle, and then ENJOY eating it. (Hint: I help runners with this all the time. I would love to help you too!)

You don't have to get stuck in an endless cycle of having a "bad" day or meal, giving up, and starting over. I can help you break free from it so you can reach your goals. Drop a line below if you've ever been caught up in a cycle like this before - I'd love to hear your experiences.

Book a free discovery call to get out of the cycle now!

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