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How Should I Fuel Today's Run?

Isn't that the yummiest runner's bowl you've seen?😋 See more photos below -- Which plate do you think it goes on? Hint: there's a lot of rice 🍚 hiding under the egg 🍳 and avocado 🥑 !)

Did you know you need to fuel your body differently based on how intense 🔥 your workouts are? The more running you're doing, the more carbs 🍚 🥞 🥯your body needs. Carbs = fuel⛽ Your muscles store carbs as glycogen. You use the glycogen during your runs -- the longer and harder your runs are, the more depleted your muscles will be at the end.

You then need to replace the glycogen so you used up (with food!) so that you have enough energy to power💥💥 you through the next run or workout. Skipping the carbs can mean you're hitting the wall, putting forth way more effort than you normally would, or seeing your pace slow down significantly. It's like running through a strong storm ⛈ or a big wave 🌊 - you probably want to avoid that!

This is an example of a HARD training day plate - it has about 50% carbs (rice and edamame), 25% protein (egg and edamame) and 25% color (sautéed greens). Hard training day plates are best for really intense days - competition days (or leading up to them), long runs, or two-a-days.

This is an example of a MEDIUM training day plate - it is about 33-40% carbs (rice + edamame), 33% color (sautéed greens), and 25% protein (egg and edamame). This is for the days that you're out for a regular training run or doing your normal workout.

This is an example of an EASY training day plate - it is about 50% color (sauteed greens), 25% carbs (rice/edamame), and 25% protein (egg/edamame). This is best for rest days or super easy active recovery days. This may also be your plate if you're trying to lose weight - you might be running, but not training for a performance or time-based goal.

The pretty bowl at the top was a hard training day - it had a lot of rice in it! I wasn't running particularly hard that day, but I was carb loading for a race -- a GREAT reason to choose the hard training day plate!!

Want help on how to tailor this to meet your goals and lifestyle? I'm only taking a few more applicants to work with me 1-on-1, so grab your spot today!

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