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What should I eat before a run?

I get asked this question a lot. If you're confused about what you should be eating (if anything) before a run... you're not alone. ⠀

Unfortunately there's no "easy" answer to this without knowing the answer to some questions. 🤔⠀

▪️How long are you going to be running for? ⠀

🔹 If you're running for over ~60-75 minutes, you should have some type of fuel before you head out. ⠀

▪️ Are you going to be doing an easy run or a workout (like intervals or a tempo run)? ⠀

🔹 If your easy run is <60 minutes, you might not NEED anything. But if you're going to be running at effort, you will do better by fueling first. ⠀

▪️ How much time do you have before you're heading out the door? ⠀

🔹 If you have <30-60 minutes, you're going to want a small snack that is low in fat and fiber. If you have 1-4 hours, you get get away with a bigger snack or even a meal. ⠀

▪️ Are you hungry? ⠀

🔹 If you are, eat a snack before you head out. ⠀

▪️ When was your last meal or snack? ⠀

🔹 If it was >5 hours ago, you could benefit from a snack before you head out. ⠀

There are lots of variables, and there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to fueling your run. If you need help, reach out! I help runners figure out how to fuel their bodies so that they can become faster, better runners.⠀

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