About Me

Fuel Better. Run Faster.

Jackie is a registered dietitian who works with enthusiastic, dedicated distance runners who want to fuel their bodies better so they can improve endurance and fitness, increase energy, and run faster. 

As both a successful distance runner herself and an expert in sports nutrition, Jackie is taking all the things she knows about eating right and running well to bring you the tools you need to fuel better and run faster. 

Runners who work with Jackie learn a process that will help them become the best runner they can be. Chase a new distance. Get a new Personal Record. Heck, even go for a run and have energy to walk the dog later in the day!

So if you're someone who wants to...

* Improve endurance, fitness, and pace

* Increase body confidence and body image

* Avoid "hitting the wall" during running and races

* Learn sustainable eating habits that make you feel healthy, energized, and confident

* Have more energy both during and after runs... and not feel sidelined to the couch for the rest of the day because you're so worn out

* Feel confident knowing what to eat before, during, or after a run to improve performance and recovery and avoid stomach distress

Then schedule a free call to talk to me today!