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I help runners and endurance athletes fuel their bodies to increase energy, improve fitness and endurance, recover faster, and run better

Hi! My name is Jackie Kirchner and I am a nutrition enthusiast and a running fanatic. 

I help runners and endurance athletes learn how to fuel their bodies better so that they can

  • increase their energy levels

  • improve their endurance

  • prevent + overcome injury

  • recover faster

  • change their body composition

  • perform + compete at their very best

  • reach their athletic potential


Unlike one-size-fits-all meal plans or diets that are rigid or eliminate entire food groups, I help athletes establish sustainable habits so they can feel better AND smash their next PR. I'll give you the accountability you need to reach your all goals -- no matter if you're chasing a certain time, a new distance, or if you want to change your body composition.

Why work with me?

If you’re serious about performing better, feeling stronger, recovering faster, or getting healthy while being active - but you're struggling to balance your lifestyle with proper nutrition, then you've come to the right place.

  • I have over 8 years experience as a Registered Dietitian, helping people improve their health AND their performance through better nutrition

  • I ran 9 marathons + several half marathons, 10k's, and 5k's - plus 2 sprint triathlons

  • I qualified for the Boston marathon 4 times 

  • I ran the Boston marathon in 2019, 2020 (virtual), and 2022

  • I have both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Human Nutrition


Work with a nutrition professional – a real registered dietitian with experience and passion – to be the best runner and you that you can be.

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Ready to get started?
Not sure if nutrition coaching is right for you?
Questions about how I can help you reach your goals?

Book Your FREE Runner's Nutrition Strategy Session Today!

We'll talk about what's working or isn't working (and how it is impacting your performance and recovery!), identify 1-2 things to help you move forward RIGHT NOW, and figure out your next best steps to achieve all your goals!


Forest Run


I have gained so many skills! Working with you has made me so much better prepared to fuel before, during, and after my workouts. I'm also much more comfortable with day to day eating... I achieved more this year than I ever thought possible. 

Healthy Woman


I have overcome food fears and learned what it means to actually feel good! I feel like I have a better relationship with myself, my body, food, and running because I fuel properly now!

Girl Running


I am running and recovering better than I ever have. It is much easier to take care of myself because I have learned how to make the right choice the easy choice. I can put my energy into running and doing physical recovery since I don’t have to think about fueling and hydrating as much.

Do you want to have plenty of energy to get you through your next race and AVOID hitting the wall? Chase after your next PR and finish feeling strong!

Get your FREE step-by-step guide to using real food to enhance your performance for your next race - without just bingeing on pasta!


Get in touch if you have questions or want more information! Ready to schedule your FREE strategy session and be on your way to your goals? Click here!

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