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Fuel Better to Run Faster

A 4-month experience for runners who want to fuel for peak performance and hit their next PR

Imagine if you could cross the finish line of a race feeling as if you finally ran to your potential and training, rather than wanting to immediately sign up for a redemption race because it didn’t quite go as planned.

I see you, runner...

You know that to run your best, you need to fuel right. But there’s so much conflicting information out there… and you have no idea how to apply it to your situation.

You train hard for race day for months, but once it comes you’re plagued with tummy troubles, cramping, or hitting the wall.

Your running buddies are out there getting new personal records while you keep finishing races feeling like you didn’t quite run to your potential

You have aspirations to do well at a race (and enjoy the process!) but runs can leave you feeling depleted and sore, so your motivation is in the toilet.

You’re running all the miles… but you’re constantly hungry and don’t know what to eat to actually fuel you and make you feel good.

You’re not alone. Before I learned how to fuel my body as a runner, I constantly craved sweets and hit the wall more times than I care to admit.

Many of my clients come to me feeling frustrated because their running isn’t going as well as they want it to but they don’t know what to eat to feel their best.

They love running and want to be able to continue it for years to come, but they’re afraid they’ll stop enjoying the process if they don’t start feeling better on the run.

Imagine if...

You woke up and you DIDN’T feel sore from yesterday’s run.

You had enough energy to walk your dog or play with your kids even though you ran 2 hours this morning.


You could get home after a long day at work or school and feed yourself (and your family!) a healthy meal without raiding the cupboards for all the snacks first.

You could go to a race feeling confident that you weren’t going to hit the wall, have muscle cramps, or end up running to the port-a-potty a bunch of times.


You started actually seeing the running results you’ve been working hard for - personal records, more endurance, or just feeling better during (and after!) a run.

My Fuel Better to Run Faster program is designed for runners and endurance athletes who want to learn how to fuel their bodies in a way that is sustainable AND reach their performance potential. No more quick fixes, no more obsessively counting macros, no more “winging it” when it comes to fueling your workouts.

Many runners think that hitting their next PR requires:

  • Special racing shoes + race-day gear

  • Using expensive supplements every day

  • Losing weight

I'm here to tell you - this isn’t true!!

Nutrition can make or break your performance; let’s make sure it MAKES it.

We’ll do this using my unique method called Eat, Run, Thrive.


We’ll make sure your fueling habits are set up to improve your energy levels, keep you feeling satisfied, increase your endurance, recover faster, meet your weight composition goals, adapt to whatever life throws at you (whether that means a vacation or a 60-mile week!), and perform at your best.


The details...

4 months of of private one-on-one coaching

My spots are limited because I want to give you the attention and care that you deserve

7x 45-minute follow-up meetings

We’ll meet biweekly for four months so you can have support and accountability the whole way. You’ll get customized nutrition coaching as well as personalized food+fluid guidelines and recommendations for everything from everyday life to how to fuel before and during a run and how to eat to recover faster.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited messaging support, plus weekly check-ins when we’re not chatting face-to-face. You can ask for a little cheerleading (I’m here for it!) or I can provide a lil tough love if that’s what you need.

Discount on performance labs (if desired)

25% off at InsideTracker using my unique code. Plus we’ll talk about your results and what to eat to improve those numbers.

1 60-minute initial consultation

We’ll take a deep dive into your running and health goals, your current eating and running habits, and your mindset. We’ll start by designing an eating plan that helps you reach those goals, and I’ll give you knowledge and tools you can use right away so you can start to see results quickly

Race Day Plan

Go into race day confident that you’re fueled up right. We’ll discuss what to eat in the days leading up to the race including your best race day breakfast. Know exactly what - and how much - to eat and drink on race day as well as how and when to take it. Plus we’ll talk about how to refuel so you’re not sore for days afterwards.

Take Home Resources

I’ll set you up with knowledge + tools to help you be successful. Handouts, worksheets, meal planning templates, grocery store guides… I’m constantly updating these.


The first step to get started is to book your FREE strategy session here.


I have handedly beaten my PRs in the half marathon and marathon distance since working with Jackie without the late race struggles I normally had prior to working with her. I have been able to finish races with a smile on my face and not feel completely wrecked for the rest of the day which has helped me stay committed to running.

Jeremy, marathon runner

I feel more prepared going into my marathon this weekend than I’ve felt for any other race. I’m completely happy with how I’ve been eating this week and have a solid plan. 

Jodi G, triathlete + marathoner

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